It was a time of intensive coaching on coding and game development facilitated by passionate and qualified instructors. The first day kicked off by introductions and exchange of pleasantries between instructors and participants. The kids were told the meaning of scratch coding, self developed games. Its value, advantages and outcome were effectively communicated to the kids which ignited their interest.
It was fun!

At the end of the Day 1 class, the kids were able to code using scratch application and games on their own. They were given assignment to enhance what they have learnt so far.

Technology has taken over all aspects of life and our kids are not left out. CODEFEST is a huge channel to achieve this. On day 2, the kids came back happy and excited because they were able to code on their own. The kids were further taught on these projects, and how to make their work unique. They created a lot of games with their favourite cartoon, having been taught extensively by their instructors. Guess what, more people joined, parents were testifying, the money was worth it, the knowledge acquired was priceless.

The participants were divided into groups for test, and observation to know the level of their comprehension. They actually did well, it was a great moment seeing our kids dare the presumed impossible. Team work was brilliantly done, the instructors were happy to see the fruit of their effort. More knowledge in the field were further passed across, assignments were given for further practice which I believe brings about excellence. CODEFEST is what our kids need now both in schools and other academic organisations. Gurus in coding and game development are about to emerge.

The training was gradually wrapping up, great knowledge have been passed across, hidden potentials in our kids are gradually unveiling. After the team project, awards were given which serve as a means of encouragement to the kids. Awards were also given to most punctual, quiet and active participant. The kids were interviewed based on what they have learnt so far, as their joy and excitement knew no bounds. Also in the program was a one-on-one mentorship with the kids.

The fifth day, marked the end of the teaching on game development using Construct2 and scratch coding. The kids displayed some of the games they were able to create. The practiced and prepared for their exhibition set to showcase to their parents and guests.

The day finally came and the event was graced by parents, board of directors and the invitees. The program kicked off with opening prayer which was led by Mr Chibuike Ezechiedo (one of the parents). The program was well anchored by Mrs Jessica Moss. The president and Founder of CODEFEST, Moss Uromtah, was called up to address the audience. He gave a striking remark in paraphrase “traditional classroom should not be depended on totally”.

He went further to appreciate the board of directors, told the audience what CODEFEST is all about and the services it renders, he ended by saying that the future of this organisation is bright and promising. The instructors were called to speak as they recalled all the annoying, encouraging and exciting moments they had with the kids, they spoke to parents on the importance of giving their children chance to explore their talents. Representative of Comrade Ayodele Adewale was called up to speak and he shed more light on technology and how it has taken over the world and our children are not left out.

Short video from last year’s boot camp was played.

The time finally came as the kids were called up to display what they have done.
Team A by name ‘six mind’ presented games they have created by name dancing fighter, frog attack and a quiz game. They told us what the game is all about, how it was created and the App used.
A certificate of recognition was presented to Comrade Ayodele Adewale (Past Chairman, Amuwo Odofin Local Government Area).

A video call was made by Skype with the partners from India – 3Di School and FPZ India. They were very excited to see the parents and encouraged them to keep up the good work. They spoke about the future of CODEFEST and also pledged their support and partnership. They promised to be with us soon in Nigeria. Guess what? Setting up innovation labs in Nigeria and Africa.

Team B, by name Awesome Coders came up with their presentation as they showcase the games they have created using construct 2. They made games like Shark attack, 2D racing, English and Basic science quiz. They explained how the game was created and how it can be played.

The key instructors, Mrs Ukeje and Mr. Morgan was called up as they briefly explain more on what the kids have created and presented the market value if scaled up for commercialization – how the games can be monetized

Certificate of coding bootcamp attendance was given to the kids, and Certificate of recognition was given to the instructors/facilitators.

Contribution and words of encouragement was given by one of the directors of Codefest, Anya Kalu Anya on pushing their kids to the front line of the future and college certificate shouldn’t be the end.

e greatly appreciated team CODEFEST for work welldone and encouraged them to keep doing the good work.

The event came to a close with a closing prayer with the kids and facilitators gloomy faces biding farewell. Next season schedule of kids summer bootcamp would be communicated by Codefest soon.

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