FOR YOU, OH PATRIOT! Poem by Ebika Anthony

A poem written in honour of Babatunde Tajudeen Owolabi

They were attired

In the flowing new gowns

Of unthinkable greed

They sickened

Our tender foot


You swam across

The large stream

Of trouble

To massage and massage

And strengthen us

Your aching people

They later wore spectacles

Of unpardonable corruption

And flung us pitilessly

Into demeaning cells

Of helplessness

Tearfully, you traversed

The crooked road

Of real worry

To reach us

Your wailing people

And bailed us out

For you, oh patriot

Foe you, Owoblow

My mouth is full

Of a song that moulds

The soft clay

Of nothingness

Into pottery

Of dazzling beauty

I sing my song

Yes, I sing my song

For you

And only you

Who is in love with truth

To welcome justice

I sing my song

I song for you

A song that drives falsehood

Far, far into the woods

Of total condemnation

For you oh patriot

My mouth is full

Of another song

That breaks the shackles

Of captivity

And let freedom loose

Freedom to everything good

For you oh patriot

For you Owoblow

For you

And only you

I sing my song

Of prayerful praise

Anthony Ebika

© 2018


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