Do you know that you can gain admission straight into 200 Level for any course of your heart desire? Yes! That is as true as the statement says.

The Joint University Preliminary Examination Board, JUPEB, gives prospective candidates the opportunity to take her examination, pass at the required grades and gain admission into 200 Level at most Universities in Nigeria, from the federal-owned, to the state-owned and the privates.

Crescent University, Abeokuta, now offers the JUPEB programme and prospective candidates can also take the examination at the institution.  Candidates are required to enroll for three (3) subjects which are the requisites for their future undergraduate programmes.

The three (3) subjects can be selected from the following list:

1. English Language which is compulsory for all students,

2. Government,

3. Literature in English,

4. Christian Religious Studies,

5. Mathematics,

6. Economics,

7. Geography,

8. History,

9. French,

10. Igbo,

11. Islamic Studies,

12. Music,

13. Visual Arts,

14. Yoruba,

15. Accounting,

16. Business Studies,

17. Physics,

18. Chemistry,

19. Biology,

20. Agricultural Science etc.

For further enquiries on JUPEB programme at Crescent University, Abeokuta, call the following hotlines now: +234(0)7098812551, +234(0)8030644731, +234(0)8038171727, +234(0)8027814584.


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