“I Remember a Borno” by Mujahyd Ameen Lilo


I remember a Borno looking like an open mouth
with complete teeth, no gaping spaces
a result of bullets and bomb showers.

I remember a Borno
where blood doesn’t adorn its Sub-saharan soil.
A Borno of children marching to schools
not refugee camps, crying and dying for food, for lost ones.
A Borno not of a young exuberant boy raising a leg to kick a ball
only to find a human head rolling.
A Borno not of a little girl opening arms to greet a dear mum
only to receive a grenade falling.
A Borno not of a devoted believer taking his tears to the Lord
only to be thrown away by a BOOM of bombs, the wailing of a mother
losing a child.

I remember a Borno
where the people know of explosions
only on the TV screens
A Borno of tranquility in the air
Laughter echoing
Men going about their days freely
Energy bursting off them, not looking behind their shoulders
A Borno proud to show to the world, its title on number plates:

Mujahyd Ameen Lilo was born in 2003. He is currently in SS2 of
Sunshine Int’l College, Kano. He has been published in Daily Focus and
was once a Poet of the week of Daily Trust.


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