I Saw You Dancing In The Sky  Poem by Ebika Anthony

A poem written in honour of Babatunde Tajudeen Owolabi

I walked gaily

Along the cheerful corridor

Of yesterday’s dream

Those who caused


To the legs

Of your fortune

I fiercely broke the jaws

Of their wickedness

The wind heralded

My atypical feat

A joy pervaded the air

And I saw you

Dancing lavishly

On the broad stage

Of the sky

With the moon singing

Her sonorous song

Of full brightness

Your name

I faintly called

Loudly you heard me

I called you

By the name of love

You beamed profusely

And danced the more

Lifting my soul

To the great mount

Of pleasantry.

You paused,

And took a sip

Of the sweet wine

Of true happiness

A gentle laughter

Emerged from the womb

Of your happiness

To hit my heart

Oh, I felt the sweetness

Of a lively moment

And you called me


By the name I love

I also beamed profusely

And stretched

My right hand

In order to touch you

But a breakfast knock

Prevented my hand

Anthony Ebika

© 2018.


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