Prof. Hyacinth Aboh, National President, Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP) on Friday appealed to all tiers of government to provide incentives and scholarships to students studying Physics, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

He made the appeal in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

Aboh said that the scholarship should specially be for Physics, which is the bedrock of Science and Technology in line with the Federal Government’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) policy.

According to him, national development should be focused on STEM; hence the scholarship.

He noted that there was poor teaching and research in Physics in Nigerian schools.

Aboh said that there was need to have properly-trained Physics teachers for the development of a strong foundation in Physics and technology at the grass roots level.

“Government should increase its investments in Physics, Science and Technology.

“Government should also as a matter of urgency increase the funding of specialised institutes and organisations with physics application for economic recovery.

“The National Assembly should as a matter of urgency enact the enabling law to institutionalise the practice of Physics as a profession.

“Also establishing the Nigerian Institute of Physics as a regulatory body for all Physicists in Nigeria, ‘’ he said.

The don said that there was need to develop strong base for research and capacity building in Physics and Technology and ensure clear linkage between the academia and the industry.

Aboh described Physics as the soul of science and a discipline that explains humanity.

According to him, physics applications have yielded the production of virtually all the technological equipment and gadgets in use the world over.

He said that physics applications were found in medicine, agriculture, aviation, weather prediction, security, disaster, mitigation, energy and environment.

“Any nation that neglects adequate funding of teaching, learning and other key engagements or activities involving Physics does so at its peril,’’ Aboh said.

NAN reports that the institute is a scientific charity that works to advance Physics education, research and applications.

By Stellamaris Ashinze


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