Nigerians should remain thankful to God for averting an air crash that could have put the nation in a mourning mood,while still experiencing worries over the provocative Xenophobic attack unleashed on some foreign national, including Nigerian citizens residing in South Africa.
The Muslim Media Watch Group of Nig, MMWGN,through its Ogun State Co-ordinator, Kamaldeen Akintunde came up with this while expressing concern over what would have been another tragedy in the Nigerian Aviation sector if the Max Air aeroplane conveying Niger state’s 550 returnee pilgrims from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia had crashed in Minna on Saturday
The divinely saved tragic incident, according to the watch group has again brought to fore the state of our airports,some of which earned International status, as they lack basic facilities and equipment such as runway traffic light and fire fighting equipment, claimed by Max Air Manager, Dahiru Mangai
The group thus charged the Hon Minister of Aviation to prioritise Aviation safety as he sets to drawing the road map for his ministry, even as Ebonyi state has received Presidential nod for an airport.
In the meantime, the MMWGN has commended PMB’s large heartedness on his proposed visit to South Africa in October over the incessant Xenophobic attack being unleashed on foreign national, especially Nigerians residing in South Africa.
It noted the initiative as a welcome development and a diplomatic approach to cessation of racist tendencies in that part of the continent.
It commended the country’s leaders for their timely intervention and warning against reprisal attack, just it equally counselled citizens against violent demonstrations because of its aftermath effect.
It recalled the leading role played by successive Nigerian governments and as ‘giant  of Africa’ in ending apartheid in South Africa. It noted that Nigeria specially deserve the treatment of “one good tongue deserves another” from South  Africans, and urged the citizens of former racist enclave  to demonstrate good neighbourliness and exhibit the rich African culture of “love for humanity” in their dealings with foreign national.
MMWGN recalled the occurrence of similar Xenophobic attack in April 2015 in the wake of PMB’s first term in office, lamenting a repeat of the incident in his second term mandate, even as the administration is settling down to take important choices in his “next level Agenda” setting to squarely confront Nigeria’s multi faceted challenges. 
The group decried the statement credited to South African foreign Minister, describing Nigerians as criminals,just as it childed the government of South Africa for not aggressively taking action against citizen-perpetrators of the Xenophobic attack, unlike its Nigerian government whose timely checked the hell loosing reprisal and which safe guarded South African business interests in the country
MMWGN has however appealed to authorities in Nigeria to tender justice with mercy as concerned agencies are set to take reprimand action against perpetrators of the reprisal attack, moreso that their action was an expression of anger, without knowing the full implication of such and that it was actually not targeted at state.
It called on the three tiers of government to be proactive in addressing unemployment in the country as a way of checking youths crossing to other nations to earn a living
The group described Xenophobic as a doctrine of prejudice and discrimination against races, calling it a crime against humanity.


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