Every 27th day of October is set aside for creating awareness for the medical-related profession of Occupational Therapy. For this year, 2016, Thursday, 27th, practitioners and students took to the streets of Lagos, Nigeria, to create awareness of the profession among the masses.

According to Mr. Emmanuel Olukoju, a lecturer at the Federal School of Occupation Therapy, Oshodi, “Occupational Therapists started the global celebration in 2010 so as to synchronize all professional members in promoting Occupational Therapy activities and create awareness of the profession”.

He continued by adding,”every country or organization is urged to promote the profession. This year the Federal School of Occupational Therapy decided to take to the streets of Lagos to further create awareness. We also had a dinner with the Occupational Therapy students and mentors in the profession”.

At the Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Oshodi, Lagos, an institution established more than a decade ago, hundreds of Therapists have been trained and most of them are fully engaged in health and related facilities across the country. The school is under the management of the Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

On the theme for this year’s commemoration, the Principal, Mr. Akinwole Adeosho said, “for this year, 2016, globally, the theme is “making it together”.  Everybody is involved and we are together in the process of making the profession known, understood and appreciated”.


Report by: Waliyullah Olalekan Solahudeen

Written by: Olaniyi G. Akanji


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