The day three of the African Science Week in Lagos offered participants a lot of fun. All volunteers took to the streets to create awareness on cancer and hepatitis.

DAY 3: Thursday, 29th June, 2017

Theme: Cancer/Hepatitis Awareness Walk

Venue: Maryland/Computer Village/Ikeja, Lagos.

 It was a beautiful Thursday morning full of hopes and enthusiasm as the NEF Ambassador for Nigeria with his crew members teamed up with participants for a road walk on Cancer/hepatitis awareness. This road walk was aimed at raising public awareness and alertness to the prevalent danger of cancer and hepatitis in the society.

The converging point was at Camp, Abeokuta as participants came out in their numbers to lend a helping hand at about 7:00 am. Having booked a Coaster bus and obtained the necessary permit from appropriate authorities, the journey to Lagos commenced at about 8:30am due to logistics factors. The journey was safe and lively as all participants, putting on NEF ASW crested vest engaged in group discussions till we got to our destination (Ikeja Bridge, Lagos). There was a heavy downpour of rain when we got to Lagos; as other participants and pressmen joined us in Lagos.

Notwithstanding, the participants defied the torrential downpour as they were determined to raise awareness on the prevalent danger of cancer and hepatitis in the society. They walked down the busy roads of Ikeja down to Maryland, holding cardboard papers with inscriptions on them chanting and shouting with one voice songs like “Cancer and Hepatitis kill; beware”, “Cancer and Hepatitis are real; it does not show on the face”, “Cancer is not your friend; go for a medical checkup”, “Who has cancer helped; early detection pays” and so on. Leaflets and flyers were also distributed to passersby by the participants as they were engaged in conversations with the passersby, offering health tips to individuals on how to stay healthy and have a cancer-free society.

The cancer/hepatitis awareness walk was a success as the public commended the program and recommended that such should be encouraged and supported by appropriate authorities for its continuity and sustenance as the awareness walk came to a peaceful end and we embark on our journey back to Abeokuta.

Participants were treated to a sumptuous meal upon returning from Lagos after a stressful but fun filled awareness walk.



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