This is authoritative! Not an ear-say or from the grapevine. It is the truth and nothing but it. The world football governing body called Federation of International Football Associations, FIFA, now has a new president. His name is Mr. Gianni Infantino.

That name sounds “Italiano”. Yes, as he holds dual nationality. He is both Italian and Swiss; more of the latter than the former, anyway, and formerly served as UEFA\’s secretary general. At the elections, he polled 115 votes in the race for the presidency last month, 27 ahead of closest rival Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa. FIFA presidential elections held February 26th, 2016.

Is FIFA a sovereign country like more than the hundreds we know in our geographical knowledge? Where are the boundaries and what is the official language? Could the citizens be called FIFAN, FIFIAN or FIFESE?

Quite some interesting and mind-bugging questions! Anyway, it is stated above that FIFA is the world football governing body and was established in May 21st 1904. That is, it is not a sovereign country. At best, football is her country. It governs and controls only one sport; football, not even two or more. Just one sport, football!!! Well for the boundaries, there are none! May the world at large, because if you play football anywhere on the globe, you are under FIFA’s rules and regulations. She is like the big brother watching over you and making sure you do not contravene the rules and the laws. But wait there! There is something that makes FIFA very powerful; she cannot be controlled by any country. The laws and statues of FIFA are so powerful that no country wants to step beyond the lines. Sanctions! Sanctions!! Sanctions!!! That is the word that put fear in the hearts of football administrators of all countries and prevents political leaders from meddling into the affairs of game in their respective boundary confines. Ask some African countries like Nigeria and they will tell you that the fear of FIFA and her sanctions is the beginning of wisdom.

Now you see the reason for the title “The Sovereign Country Called FIFA”. That is the essence of FIFA; sovereignty, power and immunity! It soon began to be run as a cabal, clique or cult. Past presidents ran multiple terms until it became a big syndrome. A banned Nigerian, former member of the body, once agreed and stated that FIFA was a cult in an interview. He surely knew better than all of us fans One day, not long ago, the table turned, the lid fell off the top, the police turned to the criminal and the immune body needed immunization very urgently. That was the case when scandals became revealed and exposed to the open and the world of football looked like a season movie filled with suspense and drama. We all know the names of people involved, needless compiling them here.

It is a new dawn in the house of football now that Infantino has promised to ring revolutionary changes and bring back the good reputation of the game of football: “For The Love Of The Game”. Check out the past president of FIFA, the country they came from and the time of their reign:
1904-1906-    Robert Guerin, France
1906-1918-    Daniel Burley Woolfall, England
1921-1954-    Jules     Rimet, France
1954-1955-    Rodolphe William Seeldrayers, Belgium
1955-1961-    Arthur  Drewry, England
1961-1974-    Stanley Rous, England
1974-1998-    Joao Havelange, Brazil
1998-2015-    Joseph Blatter, Switzerland
2015-2016-    Isaa Hayatou (Acting role), Cameroon


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