When Yewa Central College of Education, YCCE, was established more than a dozen years ago, the goals were to supplement the training of teachers and empower the teaming youths of the state to be able to take up the readily available teaching employments.

Those lofty goals have yielded more results than expected, all to the glory of God! The success story is written on the pages of the hard work put into the actualization of these goals. Those pages are the management, competent academic staff and diligent non-academic staff. For an institution to survive for that number of years and churn out hundreds of graduates, kudos should go to those who are the engine room of the management vehicle.

www.leavestory.com spoke with the proprietor of the college, Prof. D. O. Bamigbose and the following were his response to our questions:

LS: When was the college established?

Proprietor: Yewa Central College of Education was established in October, 2003. We started out as a satellite campus for other institutions in the year 2000 and became a full college in 2003. We started very humbly, had a clear vision. The first matriculation was held in 2004 with 127 students. So far, we have graduated over 10,000 students since our first graduation in 2006.

LS: How much has the college contributed to the development of the state and the nation in general?

Proprietor: We are very proud of our own contribution to the development of both the state and the nation. I said earlier that we have produced more than 10,000 teachers since our establishment. That is a huge contribution, especially into the educational sector. Our products are performing very well in many areas, too. Some of them have gone higher to further their education and a few are lecturing here with us. For rating, we are one of the most recognized colleges of education in Nigeria. We give attention to quality education and teaching, Godliness and strong character formation. We know that these are what the teacher needs to be able to impact on his or her pupils and students.

The college continues to contribute her own quota to our state’s and nation’s development through manpower in the educational sector, entrepreneurship and employment, researches, mentoring other institutions, colleges, and schools, mainly private primary and secondary, and adult education.

LS: What are your future plans?

Proprietor: We are working towards and praying very hard to be a degree awarding institution. Although, at present, we run some programmes for a few institutions like OAU, University of Education, Winniba, Ghana, which is the first Education University in Africa.

The college is also working very hard towards realizing her dream of infrastructural development. We need more and better infrastructure to complement.

LS: Thanks for your time!

Proprietor: It is my pleasure!

Yewa Central College of Education, YCCE, is situated at KLM 6, Ayetoro

Rd. College Bus-Stop, Adehun Abeokuta Ogun, Nigeria.

For admission enquiries call 08033841546 or visit the website: www.yewacentralcollege-ng.com


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